Leicester City Postcard Collection

Just finished project inspired by Leicester City’s historic 2016 Premier League win. First idea was a postcard collection, so I drew a series of brush & ink portraits. Not too much detail, but recognisable – hopefully!. First one manager Claudio Ranieri


then Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, N’Golo Kanté & Danny Drinkwater…


and finally captain Wes Morgan & keeper Kasper Schmeichel


Decided on a pop art/comic book style for the cards, so tried a combination of bright flat colours & dot screen effect, Ranieri first


and the rest…  alternated blue & orange background colours for variety


Thought collection would benefit from a couple of info graphics. On the left is that still unbelievable Premier League table, with Leicester sitting proudly above Arsenal, Spurs, City, United & all the rest! On the right are stats for all 23 players that played in the Premiership season – even Joe Dodoo who made one substitute appearance!


I also wanted to create a team design, and introduce some foxes somewhere, so after a lot of messing about settled on this idea.


That made a total of 10 cards, so now they needed a box – my wife Jude is brilliant at craft design and she came up with this. (Top has a tongue & opens like a book cover)


And finally here’s the finished collection…



Next thing thing was to design some Leicester City art prints – new post coming soon!



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