Wembley 1966 – World Cup Final Design

Gone for a flat colour retro style for this Wembley 1966 World Cup Final design. So the scene is the England & West Germany teams lined up in front of the Royal Box before kick-off…


Had to include the iconic (old) Wembley twin towers, so set them against a warm coloured sky – the game was actually played at the end of July. The main shapes are pretty basic – sky, stadium & pitch, so tried to add interest by packing in plenty of detail. Began by adding in loads of swirling flags & banners. The flags on the roof are the teams that reached the last 8 of the competition (L-R: England, Uruguay, Hungary, Russia, N. Korea, Portugal, Argentina & W.Germany). Then moving down, if your eyes are good you can just see the Queen sitting in the middle of the front row of the Royal Box!


now we come to the teams. Figures are pretty small, so gone for simplified shapes. In the background below the Royal Box, manager Alf Ramsey & his staff (blue track suits) sit on the England bench.


Here’s close up of the England team. Not too much detail because of their size, but used hair colour to distinguish players, Bobby Moore blonde, Alan Ball ginger, Bobby Charlton none! Also Nobby Stiles & Alan Ball are the shortest, and Jack Charlton the tallest.


and here’s the finished design framed up.    ** WEMBLEY 1966 PRINT Available HERE!!



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