The Boys of ’66

Bit of old school pencil & pastel drawing here. There are hundreds of photos of England’s victorious 1966 world cup winners, but none with all eleven in the same picture, so I decided to put that right in this illustration.


So from left to right, we have Nobby Stiles (Man Utd) with gap toothed grin, Jack Charlton (Leeds Utd) standing tall, keeper Gordon Banks (Leicester), then probably England’s best player that day, midfielder Alan Ball (Blackpool), and striker Roger Hunt (Liverpool)…


moving on, hat-trick hero Geoff Hurst (West Ham), captain Bobby Moore (West Ham), and left back Ray Wilson (Everton)…


then midfielder Martin Peters (West Ham), right back George Cohen (Fulham), and finally an exhausted looking Bobby Charlton (Man Utd). Paid special attention to the players expressions, as I wanted them to look like they’d all played for 120 gruelling minutes on a hot summer’s day!


Last thing was to add the mono-chrome background, with  Wembley’s iconic twin towers either side of Bobby Moore. Here’s how the finished picture looks framed up.


** ‘The Boys of 66’ print is available HERE!


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