Celtic Champions ’67 (Print 1)

Currently designing a series of prints marking Celtic’s historic European Cup victory in 1967.

Variety of things inspired this first print. I wanted to feature the ‘Champions ’67’ song prominently, also the picturesque & unusual looking Estadio Nacional stadium in Lisbon, plus the two teams lined up before kick-off.


‘In the heat of Lisbon’ is a great opening line. Thousands of Celtic fans really did make the journey to Portugal, even though many could hardly afford it. Read some great fans stories at thecelticwiki. Added a decorative celtic border round the text…


Then on to the stadium. Looking at old photos I liked the way the trees frame the main stand, odd looking for a football stadium, but great for a picture.

Also wanted to focus on the fans, so included lots of Celtic flags & banners, heavily outnumbering a few Inter flags. Not forgetting the 2 sets of managers & their staff on the pitch side benches.

Visually the team line-ups make a nice contrast, green & white hoops with blue & black stripes. Players faces are too small to show much detail, but height & hair colour (& their numbered shorts!) help identify the Celtic team.


*Celtic Champions ’67 Print available HERE!

* Thanks to thecelticwiki for loads of fascinating Celtic info & pictures

Coming up – Next print focuses on manager Jock Stein and all eleven Celtic players…


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