Here’s one of Wembley’s greatest ever Cup Final goals – Keith Houchen’s iconic diving header for Coventry City against Spurs in the 1987 FA Cup Final. Decided to crank the action right up, as befits such a magnificent goal…


Began with this pen & brush drawing, before adding digital colour…


Drawn Keith Houchen in mid-air diving towards us, from a low viewpoint behind Spurs keeper Ray Clemence, which helps add drama…


Also used speech bubbles & typography to help the action along. That’s Coventry’s Micky Gynn & Cyrille Regis, in the background, and Spurs defender Chris Hughton on the far right…


** The finished drawing is available as a print (from A5 to A2 size) at my PRINTSHOP




Thought hard about this print. I wanted to illustrate Jimmy in characteristic dribbling action  – ball on his toe & perfectly balanced to spin either way – so that became the main image…


but I also wanted to show him beating defenders tackles, shooting for goal, and celebrating a goal, so they became small vignettes…


Decided to draw Jimmy with socks around his ankles, like he’s been buzzing around all game. Also added some of the trophies Jimmy won at Celtic – he won many more but I ran out of room!

Last thing was to add Jimmy’s own words, “I was always an entertainer. The pitch was my stage, the whistle meant it was showtime,” which sums him up perfectly.


*Jimmy Johnstone Print available HERE!

*Thanks to thecelticwiki for lots of Jimmy Johnstone info & images!

Coming up: Print 4 – Celtic Lisbon Lions Champions ’67

Viewed loads of photos of the 1967 European Cup final (see thecelticwiki ) but couldn’t find any featuring all eleven Celtic parading the trophy on the pitch – maybe this never happened due to hundreds of celebrating fans invading the pitch? Anyway, I decided to rectify this, and throw in manager Jock Stein for good measure!

Grouped the players around central figures of captain Billy McNeill & Jock Stein holding up the European Cup trophy. Also wanted goal scorers Tommy Gemmell & Steve Chalmers to be prominent…


and also legendary winger Jimmy Johnstone. Tried to make the players poses and expressions convey both pride & togetherness – I’ve read they were a close knit bunch, and that was a big factor in their success…


I’ve included Jock Stein’s words, “Winning is important, aye, but our objective is to win with style,” because Inter Milan’s approach was the exact opposite, taking an early lead in the final and trying to see the game out – fortunately Celtic ensured their negative tactics failed.

I struggled to find pictures of keeper Ronnie Simpson looking happy, so that’s why he looks a bit solemn despite having just won the biggest prize in European football!


*Celtic Lisbon Lions Print available HERE!

*Thanks again to thecelticwiki for their comprehensive info & pictures.

Coming up: Print 3 – Jimmy Johnstone action portrait…

On This Day artwork in the Wembley matchday programme for tomorrow’s England v Lithuania World Cup qualifier (Sunday 26 March). OTD feature goes back to Spain v England in 1980. England captain was Kevin Keegan (a Hamburg player at that time), he’d just collected his second Ballon D’Or, and was wearing his bubble perm…


England striker Tony Woodcock (Cologne then) scored the three lions’ first goal after a long solo run…


and his ex-colleague at Nottingham Forest, Trevor Francis, fired in the second…


Here’s the finished page…


Good luck to Gareth Southgate’s boys on Sunday!


This print combines elements from Print 1, the decorative ‘Champions ’67’ song lyrics…


and the triumphant Lisbon Lions team group illustration from Print 2…


into a new alternative design.


*Celtic Lisbon Lions Champions ’67 Print available HERE!

*Thanks to thecelticwiki for comprehensive selection of info & photos!  

Currently designing a series of prints marking Celtic’s historic European Cup victory in 1967.

Variety of things inspired this first print. I wanted to feature the ‘Champions ’67’ song prominently, also the picturesque & unusual looking Estadio Nacional stadium in Lisbon, plus the two teams lined up before kick-off.


‘In the heat of Lisbon’ is a great opening line. Thousands of Celtic fans really did make the journey to Portugal, even though many could hardly afford it. Read some great fans stories at thecelticwiki. Added a decorative celtic border round the text…


Then on to the stadium. Looking at old photos I liked the way the trees frame the main stand, odd looking for a football stadium, but great for a picture.

Also wanted to focus on the fans, so included lots of Celtic flags & banners, heavily outnumbering a few Inter flags. Not forgetting the 2 sets of managers & their staff on the pitch side benches.

Visually the team line-ups make a nice contrast, green & white hoops with blue & black stripes. Players faces are too small to show much detail, but height & hair colour (& their numbered shorts!) help identify the Celtic team.


*Celtic Champions ’67 Print available HERE!

* Thanks to thecelticwiki for loads of fascinating Celtic info & pictures

Coming up – Next print focuses on manager Jock Stein and all eleven Celtic players…

Been planning to illustrate this incredible Denis Bergkamp goal (Newcastle v Arsenal 2002) for a while. Bit of a headache working out how to do it! Began with sketches, first Bergkamp back to goal, receiving the ball with Newcastle defender Dabizas close behind


then the turn & swivel


and finally the side foot finish past Newcastle keeper Shay Given


Put the sketches together using arrows to link the action and let it flow from left to right


Cheated a fair bit with perspective but needed to condense a lot of action. Moved on to colour, and added info strip along the base with match stats. Left side…


and the right…


and here’s the finished pic