My favourite England goal from World Cup 2018 – this screamer from Man Utd midfielder Jesse Lingard in the 6-1 thrashing of Panama.


Lingard played a neat one-two with Raheem Sterling, and curled a stunning finish into the top corner from 22 yards…


Full picture…jesse-lingard-goal-england-panama-world-cup-2018-drawing-print-1

** This ‘England World Cup Sketchbook 2018’ with 15 pages of drawings & info is now uploaded and ready to view online – CLICK HERE



Chose 3 contrasting action scenes for this print. First Jesse Lingard’s long range screamer against Panama…


then Jordan Pickford’s penalty save against Columbia in that nail biting penalty shootout…


and third is Keiran Trippier’s fantastic free kick against Croatia in the World Cup semi-final…


Put em all together and they look like this…


** This ‘England World Cup Sketchbook 2018’ with 15 pages of drawings & info is now uploaded and ready to view online – CLICK HERE


Multi-image design for this first England World Cup Heroes 2018 #1 print, focussing on  goal scorers – Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Kieran Trippier, Jesse Lingard, John Stones & Harry Maguire, manager Gareth Southgate, keeper Jordan Pickford, and a pile of celebrating players!


Used a variety of poses to try and avoid too many similar looking panels. Stuck mainly to England’s red & blue as a colour theme…


** This ‘England World Cup Sketchbook 2018’ with 15 pages of drawings & info is now uploaded and ready to view online – CLICK HERE



Inspired by England’s unexpected journey to the World Cup Semi-Finals in Russia 2018, I ended up with a bunch of new drawings, which I’ve organised into an on-line sketchbook.

The sketchbook is not intended as a comprehensive report of England’s World Cup campaign, but rather a collection of personal highlights and favourite moments. It’s also an excuse to do what I love best – drawing footballers in action!

Drawings include Manager Gareth Southgate, goals from Captain Harry Kane, Jesse Lingard, Kieran Trippier, Dele Alli, John Stones, and Harry Maguire, plus Jordan Pickford’s penalty save, England songs, and a bit of dancing!




Second print, this one illustrating all 12 footballs from the FIFA World Cup tournaments starting in West Germany 1974 to Russia 2018.


Bit more of a squeeze this one, getting all the balls & info in at a decent size…


Balls go clockwise from the top, all the way round to the red & black Mechta design being used right now…


although it wouldn’t surprise me if they change the ball colour/design for the actual 2018 final, in which case I’ll have to change my artwork too…


First of a pair of prints depicting the history of World Cup Footballs. This artwork focuses on the Jules Rimet trophy years from the first World Cup in Uruguay 1930, to Mexico 1970, when Brazil won the trophy outright after 3 tournament victories.


Includes all 9 World Cup Ball designs, from early lace-up models through to the innovative 32 panel Telstar in 1970, which I’ve arranged around the classy looking Jules Rimet trophy


These balls were all leather, (so probably heavier) before fully synthetic leather footballs were introduced in the 80’s.


This is a personal project focusing on all the World Cup Captains from the very first tournament in Uruguay 1930 up to Russia 2018.


The project is divided in two parts. Part 1. concentrates on the Jules Rimet Trophy years 1930 -1970. Part 2. (coming soon) looks at the FIFA trophy years from 1974 to the present day.


These are the nine captains who collected the stylish Jules Rimet trophy, from Uruguay’s Jose Nassazi in 1930 to Carlos Alberto of Brazil in 1970, when Brazil won the trophy outright after three tournament victories. Here’s the framed print…


and a ‘Captains Roll Call’ Gif, including such legendary names as Italy’s Giuseppe Meazza, Brazil’s Hilderaldo Bellini and England’s Bobby Moore